Wirecast for live streaming

The proposition of streaming live video for 12 hours for Uon TV’s mammoth live day posed many technical problems; the greatest challenge was how to steam VT’s to the web on the Tricaster whilst simultaneously rehearsing for the next live show.

The solution was relatively simple, we purchased Wirecast from Telestream and ran our VT’s and streaming video through a separate machine freeing up the Tricaster for rehearsals.

The purchase of a Decklink SDI capture card from Black Magic allowed us to link the two with relatively little fuss. The Wirecast software proved very easy to manage (if a little fiddly at first) and whilst it might not be quite as refined as the Tricaster it certainly seems good for the job at hand.

What’s exciting us now are the possibilities of using the Wirecast in other ’live’ projects, the option of running it remotely on location to stream live content to the web. The possibilities are endless, we could use it for concerts, sports, performance or live events.

Check out this video on Youtube from the guys at the Techbuzz for a brief intro on Wirecast:

By Richard Byles

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