Tricaster: The Centre of the TV Studio

At the centre of our TV studio sits a Tricaster 855,  enabling production of three weekly live news shows, regular live events and a recent mammoth 12 hour broadcast, our Tricaster has proved to be a solid studio performer. We particularly like the tactile control board and the superb keying and virtual studio options.

Recent additions to our set up include adding extra VGA and SDI inputs giving us more options for creative programming.

This year we’ll be setting up live Skype calls through the Tricaster, so we can make live shows with participants from around the world.

We’re also keen to start creating our own virtual sets with Newtek’s Virtual Set Gallery.

The Tricaster has been well received in TV studios across the world, one recent article that caught our attention was how it’s being used for live streaming shows on MTV, check out the article here:

By Richard Byles

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